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Our goal

The goal of our service is to provide access to a registered Specialist in Small Animal Surgery operating in your local veterinary practice.

Mobile Surgical Solutions provides this service to practices throughout metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria and Southern NSW. We provide all the surgical instrumentation and implants required to perform complex surgeries that would normally be performed in referral centres. This reduces the need to travel for treatment and your pet benefits from having the surgery performed in a familiar environment.

Preoperative investigation and postoperative care will be performed by your local veterinarian.

Mobile Surgical Solutions provide a written surgery report and discharge instructions to your local vet and are available to your vet for advice via phone and email during the initial investigation and the postoperative period.

We believe that close communication between us and your local vet is essential in achieving optimal surgical outcomes.

Choosing a registered surgical specialist

Diplomates of the European and American Colleges of Veterinary Surgeons (DipECVS, DipACVS) and Fellows of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (FANZCVS) can all register as specialists in Small Animal Surgery in Victoria.

In order to obtain these qualifications, candidates must undergo a rigorous three year residency training program at an approved centre.

During the residency program, all aspects of case management are supervised and critiqued by Specialist Surgeons acting as supervisors to residents. Surgical logs must be completed and minimum case numbers achieved for different categories of cases.

In addition, candidates must complete supervised training in related disciplines (Anaesthesia, Pathology, Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging) supervised by a specialist.

In order to be eligible to sit exams, candidates must also fulfil minimum criteria for presentations at conferences and publications. The exam process itself involves written, practical and case based examinations.

The exam is challenging with a low pass rate and success mandates a long period of study and detailed knowledge of the surgical literature.

Candidates that have passed the exam have fulfilled all these criteria so you can be assured they have been exposed to an extremely robust training program and a demanding examination process.

Diplomates of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons are also required to recertify every 5 years. Documentation of publications, presentations at conferences, surgical logs, conferences attended are submitted to the College so a judgement can be made on whether the candidate can be recertified.

Diplomates that don’t accumulate sufficient points for recertification are required to resit their examination.

The team


Adrian Wallace

Mobile Surgical Specialist


Cassie Hoffmann

Qualified Veterinary Nurse
CA Surgical Support